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Funny Fitness Gadgets


Four funny fitness gadgets guaranteed to give you a laugh, if not a workout.

Funny fitness gadgets.

1. Infrared Vibration Super Chi Machine

This machine gently sways your body in a fish-like motion as you lie down. The swaying acts like a full-body massage to stimulate circulation, provide pain relief and as a form of passive exercise. Effortless Health, $449

2. Portable Home Steam Sauna Tent

We've tried the Sauna Suit; now we're ready for the Sauna Tent! The portable sauna also works with herbal bath salts and essential oils to give you an aromatherapy treatment as you sweat! Effortless Health, $426

3. Treadmill Bike

Fun and whimsical or silly and stupid? Don't knock it until you try it! This tongue-in-cheek bike was made from spare parts by cycle-lover Brent Curry. The Bicycle Forest, email for rental rates

4. Couchbike

For all you couch potatoes out there! Kick back and do a few laps around the living room while you catch up on your Steven and Chris! The Bicycle Forest, email for rental rates


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