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Simple Swaps

Theresa Albert says that cutting calories doesn't have to be agonizing...it's as easy as a few SIMPLE SWAPS!


BREAKFAST 1 - 954 Calories


BREAKFAST 2 - 599 Calories


Try eating greens for breakfast. If you intend on consuming 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, you should be starting with breakfast. Salad greens are high in fibre and water content so they help you feel full with very few calories.

Lose the juice. Juice is nothing but water and sugar with a little vitamin C. Instead of drinking your fruit, eat it so you can reap the benefits of the fibre it provides.

Swap the coffee cream for milk. Cream and sugar calories add up very quickly. Cut down by switching to milk and a natural sweetener like stevia.


LUNCH 1 - 1070 Calories

LUNCH 2 - 375 Calories


Drink more water. Soft drinks and juice are often go-to lunch beverages. By switching to water you can cut more than 150 calories from your meal. Plus, you get some much-needed hydration.

Go easy on the dressing. Two teaspoons of dressing should be plenty to flavour your salad.  Dressings are high in fat and calories and low in nutrients so use sparingly. The same goes with sauces and condiments. 

Treat yourself! Depriving yourself of your favourite things will only lead to binging later. Be conscious of portions but allow yourself to indulge every once in a while.   


SNACK 1 - 418 Calories


SNACK 2 - 375 Calories


Get the most from your snacks. Not all snacks are created equal so make sure that you are maximizing nutrients and minimizing bad fats and empty calories.

Try green tea for your pick-me-up. Instead of reaching for an afternoon cup of coffee, have a green tea. In addition to packing an anti-oxidant punch, green tea doesn't require cream and sugar.

Don't go too nuts. Nuts are packed full of heart-healthy fats but are high in calories. Try to limit your portion to a small handful.


DINNER 1 - 1045 Calories


DINNER 2 - 745 Calories


Pasta is not the enemy. Pasta and carbs in general have a bad rep. Pasta is not really the problem...portion is. Try having just a cup of cooked pasta. Fill the 'void' with canned tomatoes and lots of vegetables. 

Beware a wolf in sheep's clothing. Cheese, bacon, nuts and dressings can turn an innocent salad into a calorie bomb. Opt for low-cal flavour options like lemon juice and light vinaigrettes.  

Lose the booze. Alcoholic beverages, including wine, are full of empty calories. If you love your wine, limit yourself to a single glass per day. And remember, a serving of wine is just over half a cup so be aware of how big your one glass is.


DAY 1 - 3487 Calories

DAY 2 - 2094 Calories

With simple swaps you can make a major difference to your health and your waistline.

Bon appetit.


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