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Chris’ Angels: Yoga Edition


Chris and his Angels get their yoga on with three accessories guaranteed to stretch your practice!

Chris' Angels show off their yoga finds.

Yoga-Paws, $37

The claim: Developed by women who love yoga and love to travel, Yoga-Paws allow you to practice yoga on the go—without a mat!

The verdict: "I'm the first to admit I don't do a lot of yoga. But the idea is cool, and I would totally use them, except that the thought of laying on the ground kind of grosses me out. My husband, a practicing yogi, was totally into them!" —Taylor

Second Denim Co. Yoga Jeans, $125

The claim: Fitness meets fashion! Available in a variety of washes, rises and cuts, these second-skin jeans are comfortable enough for yoga, yet fashionable enough for everyday wear.

The verdict: "I am absolutely in love with these jeans! Paired with a pretty blouse and jacket, they're great for the office: business on top and party on the bottom! So comfy!" —Cher

SplitFlex, $101

The claim: The SplitFlex is designed to gradually and safely enable leg stretching, offering complete control up to 180 degrees.

The verdict: "I am the most inflexible person I know, and it did work for leg stretching. Having said that, unless you're a martial arts sensei or exotic dancer, who really needs this?" —Joanne


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