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Chris’ Angels: Testing More At-Home Fitness Gadgets


Chris' Angels are back — and they're testing out three at-home workout equipment to see how affective they are at helping you achieve your fitness goal!

Digital Cordless Jumpe Rope

Digital Cordless Jumpe Rope, $32.99

Claim: Jump rope without the rope! Get all the benefits of jumping rope without tripping over a pesky rope. Easy to use and portable for travelling, the cordless jump rope allows you to get all the calorie burning benefits of a traditional jump roping without the interruptions of tripping on the rope. The rope tracks calories burned, number of jumps and workout time based on the user's height and weight.

Verdict: What a joke. Seriously, for me I love skipping and I need that coordination of jumping over the rope. I missed hearing that whipping sound from a rope. This is for cheaters who want to "pretend" they’re working out. You don't even have to jump! Just move your arms around and it still thinks you’re working out. Don't waste your money. Save it and get a real jumping rope and get your sweat on! - Taylor Kaye

SKLZ Elevation 2-in-1 Speed Hurdles and Ladder

SKLZ Elevation 2-in-1 Speed Hurdles and Ladder, $49.99

Claim: A seven foot long exercise ladder that switches between a flat ladder and four inch hurdles in just seconds. It folds down quickly for convenient storage. Includes a convenient carry bag and usage guide.

Verdict: Wow. Talk about taking your workout to the next level! It's one thing to perform the movements pretending you are jumping over hurdles and doing criss-cross type footwork. But it's completely different when you actually have the obstacle in the way. It forces you to consistently work hard. I like the flexibility and the portability if it, but collapsing it down is a lot trickier than they make it look in their video. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to take their work out to the next level.- Cher Jones

Fitter First Classic Balance Board

Fitter First Classic Balance Board, $39.95

Claim: See benefits such as increased knee, ankle and core strength and improved joint range of motion. Can be used to conveniently prevent and rehabilitate injuries at the clinic, gym or at home. Patented sphere adjusts between 14 degrees and 17 degrees with a simple twist.

Verdict: I really liked this lot but it will never replace the BOSU Ball. It’s amazing for core strength and something I struggle with, POSTURE! - Joanne Alderson

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