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Chris’ Angels: Sleep Aids

We never thought these lively ladies could put anyone to sleep, but the Angels' latest product reviews actually might help you catch some zzzs!


1. Rise & Shine Natural Wake-Up Light, $100

The claim: The Rise & Shine is a radio, sound machine and lamp in one, which wakes you up in a kinder, gentler way than a traditional alarm clock.

The verdict: "It's a lamp, it's an alarm, it's a sleep machine. I absolutely loved it and so did my kids!" —Taylor

2. enVy Pillow , $200

The claim: This pillow is anti-aging, improves spinal alignment and reduces sleep lines. Bonus: It's also hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant.

The verdict: "The price is steep, but my husband and I fought over who got to sleep with it! We've never slept so soundly." —Cher

3. Dual-Zone Nap Heated Blanket, $150

The claim: For couples who run hot and cold, the Dual-Zone Blanket allows each partner control the temperature on their side of the bed.

The verdict: "It's definitely an improvement from an old school electric blanket; it's so soft! But at $150? No way." —Joanne


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