Chris’ Angels: Fitness Edition

Chris' Angels prove they'll do anything in the name of a good workout.


1. Shake Weight Classic (for Women), $20

The claim: Uses dynamic inertia to blast your arms, which can increase muscle activity to nearly 300 times that of a standard dumbbell.

The verdict: "I found the DVD entertaining, but felt rude practicing the routines with my baby daughter watching!" —Taylor

2. Perfect Fitness Perfect Sit-Up, $60

The claim: The Perfect Sit-Up has two basic design principles: perfect body positioning and added intensity for more results in less time.

The verdict: "I kind of liked this product—particularly how it clicked to tell me how far to crunch. And the resistance really made me feel like I was working out!" —Cher

3. Energetics Parachute, $55

The claim: A great tool for runners who are looking to improve both their strength and speed.

The verdict: "Unless you're Usain Bolt and running uphill, this product is a total waste of time!" —Joanne

Watch Joanne test-drive the Energetics Parachute!


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