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Chris’ Angels: At-Home Fitness Gadgets


Ready to get in shape this summer? The Angels have been getting their sweat on testing out the latest in at home fitness gadgets. Find out if they're workout-worthy!


Air Climber, $49

Taylor Kaye tests the Air Climber

The Claim: This at home fitness gadget claims to keep your legs moving to burn fat and get results faster than other steppers. With every step, air flows from pedal to pedal inflating the bellows, so you're literally stepping on a soft cushion of air. Impact and pounding to your body is dramatically reduced compared to walking, jogging or aerobics.

The Verdict: “For $50, I can buy a pair of Spanx to make my legs look thinner. I would rather keep my gym membership and get a full body workout!” — Taylor

The Rack, $160

Cher Jones tests The Rack

The Claim: The Rack is the only piece of equipment that takes old school moves like push ups, crunches and dips to the next level by using your own body weight as primary resistance.

The Verdict: “I really like The Rack. I think I would use this at home to help me do push ups and dips” — Cher

Ab Coaster, $199

Joanne Alderson tests the Ab Coaster

The Claim: The Ab Coaster's infomercial promises a revolutionary way to get incredible abs at home by using the motion of bringing your knees to your chest.

The Verdict: “It looks like a kinky sex machine but seriously, its too bulky to keep in my home. I’d rather just get on the floor and do some crunches... or eat ice cream” — Joanne


Video: Chris' Angels: At-Home Fitness Gadget Testing

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