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Breaking Bad Food Habits

We've all got bad food habits we fall into from time to time. To help us break them and get on track to healthier eating, nutritionist Theresa Albert shares some quick fixes.

Breaking Bad Food Habits

Bad Habit: Sweet Tooth

This can be a response to a blood sugar spike and crash. Your body will send you screaming for sweets if it thinks it's dying, and rightly so. Your job is to prevent it from thinking that way.

The Fix: Green Tea
  • Change the composition of your saliva by having green tea first. Then allow yourself a small portion if you still need it and go back to low glycemic index (GI).

    Sugar starts digesting in your mouth with enzymes to break it down. The mere thought of something sweet gets your mouth watering with them.

Bad Habit: Late Night Snacker

This is pure trigger and response. There is no need for snacking in front of the tube. Just turning on the TV is enough to set you up for stimulus and input.

The Fix: Gum
  • Chew gum
  • File your nails or do a craft (or maybe sew on all those loose buttons on this week). Anything it takes to keep your hands busy.

Bad Habit: 3 p.m. Coffee Hit

Time of day trigger! Identify what you need from this habit -- is it the caffeine, the sugar or the break?

The Fix: Timer
  • Change the trigger or change the time. Set a timer and make the habit later and later each day.

Bad Habit: One Too Many Drinks

The less your drink the better. The Canadian Liver Foundation says even a small amount can be damaging. The trick is to be honest with yourself about how much you drink.

The Fix: Sparkling Water
  • Have two glasses of sparkling water, add some colour to it and drink it out of a wine glass to change the desire.

Bad Habit: Large Portions

How many times have you kept eating when you knew you were already full? Ask a North American when they know they are finished a meal and they will say "when the plate is empty" but a European will say "when I can no longer taste it, or am not aware I am eating"

The Fix: Soup
  • Start with clear soup to fill you up, then know your limits and don't feel the need to eat until you're ready to burst.

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