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Body Quirks Solved

Eye twitches, mystery brusies, brain freeze ... Our bodies sometimes do strange things for seemingly no reason. Nutritionist Melissa Ramos shares her knowledge to help solve some of these common body quirks.


Ghost Bruises

Ghost bruises are caused by a vitamin C deficiency. This deficiency leads to weak blood vessels that cause blood to leak, and in turns bruises.

The solution: Avoid excess alcohol and smoking - you lose 100 mg of vitamin C for every cigarette you smoke.

Take 600 mg of vitamin C daily with food three times per day. Just avoid granule packages of vitamin C, which are generally filled with sugar that counteracts the absorption.

Pins and Needles

Pins and needles are brought on by lifestyle choices like poor food intake, lack of sleep, smoking and alcohol. This leads to fried nerves and destruction around the myelin sheath. When the neurons are damaged, they send unusual signals to the brain causing pins and needles.

The solution: More sleep, more water and several key supplements such as Vitamin B12 help prevent pins and needles. Lecithin granules and foods rich in lecithin like egg yolks will help to coat the myelin sheath around the nerves, providing better nerve transmission.

Eye Twitches

Ever wake up and find your eye twitching like crazy? This could be a cause from overworking, staying up late, stress and partying too much. This leads to magnesium deficiency which doesn't allow our muscles to relax, so they're constantly contracting.

The solution: Boost your magnesium levels with items rich in magnesium like dark leafy greens, smoothies with green supplement powders. If you can't down the leafy greens, take magnesium in a capsule instead.

Dizzy Spells

Dizzy spells in Chinese medicine are known to be caused by blood deficiency. If you're known to have low blood pressure, this could be the cause of your dizzy spells. Check with your doctor!

The solution: Take a quarter teaspoon of liquorice liquid compound to increase your blood pressure. You can also take 1,000 mcg of Vitamin B12 supplementation with food. Finally, be sure to get your iron levels checked.

Cracking Knees

Cracking knees and joints is sometimes caused by vitamin D and calcium deficiency, and sometimes dehydration. Our bodies need to be hydrated so collagen can form and lubricate around our joints.

The solution: Load up on calcium citrate with vitamin D combination. And remember to always stay hydrated with water.


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