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Best Fast Food Choices


Whether at the drive through, your local greasy spoon or ordering in, we all indulge in fast food every now and then. Thankfully nutritionist Theresa Albert is here to show us the best choices we can make when we want to be bad. Now, we’re not talking about ordering a chicken caesar salad when you're craving a burger and fries. These are tips on how to get some nutritional benefits from an indulgent fast food meal that totally hits the spot!



Best Fast Food Choices at the Pizzeria

  • Go for goat cheese instead of mozzarella because it’s lower in fat and full of flavour.
  • Double up on the tomato sauce and you’ll get more nutrients while maintaining the moisture.
  • If you want a yummy chewy thick crust on your pizza, ask for a whole grain crust.  It’s still better than a white crust because each time you add a grain, you add a nutrient. Plus any little bit of fibre adds to your 25 grams per day requirement.
  • Sundried tomatoes are bad because they are often stored in oil and are just dripping in unnecessary calories.
  • Ham is better because it’s leaner than bacon, which tends to add extra grease.

Sandwich Shop

Best Fast Food Choices at the Sandwich Shop

  • News alert! Wraps are actually not healthier than buns. A wrap usually equals three slices of bread and the same number of calories as a bun.
  • Choose tuna over cold cuts because it’s not processed. Those cold cuts are a far cry from real meat.
  • Choose a cookie over chips. A recent study looked at the number one food in a person’s diet that predicts the likelihood of being overweight due to a poor diet. Turns out chips are the number one predictor of being overweight! Chips are a habit forming food. Break this habit by ordering a cookie.
  • Calorie for calorie, a cookie or chips will be about the same but Theresa suggests the cookie for its impact on your mind and satiety. You will eat the chips mindlessly. But the cookie will provide the “ta-dah! The meal is finished!” feeling.
  • Ask for swiss cheese to get the most for your money. It's the most expensive cheese for the shop!
  • If you enjoy some spice, pile on the hot peppers and hot sauce. The spice will increase your metabolism and slow down your eating.

Burger Joint

Best Fast Food Choices at the Burger Joint

  • Always choose a burger over any type of crispy deep-fried chicken. Remember that the word “crispy” is code for deep-fried and fatty! 
  • You get 5 per cent more iron from a burger than chicken. Children and grown men need about 10 mg of iron per day, women need 18 mg. A burger has between 4-5 mg, while chicken has between 2 - 3mg
  • A lot of us don’t eat enough onions, but onions are a sulfur-rich food. Sulfur plays a big part in the body’s detoxification, proper insulin function. Onion rings also provide 6 per cent of your iron for the day while fries only 1 per cent . If you're going to be bad, you might as well get something good out of it!


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