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Audience Q & A: Tosca Reno


When Tosca Reno turned 40, she was overweight, unhappy and unsatisfied. The situation was clear: she needed to make a change. That's when she decided to take control of her life and begin a transformational journey to become an athletic, healthy woman by eating clean.

Today, at age 53, Tosca is a fit n' fine force to be reckoned with, inspiring millions to embrace healthy eating through her best-selling books Your Best Body Now and the popular Eat-Clean Diet series.

Moreover, Tosca's work as a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, motivational speaker and competitive bodybuilder has made her one of North Amercia's leading health experts in the fight against obesity.

This self-proclaimed "Eat-Clean Lady" brings tons of positive energy every time she comes to our show. Watch this recent Q&A she did with our studio audience and you'll see what we mean!"


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