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Waxy vs. Starchy Potatoes, Which One to Use?

Potatoes are a staple ingredient in many recipes, but did you know that not all potatoes are alike? There are actually two general types: waxy and starchy. Both are good for different dishes and knowing which type to use will make all the difference in achieving the fluffiest mashed potatoes and the perfect potato salad.

Bowl filled with yellow, red, and purple small potatoes.
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Waxy Potatoes

These include small and large red-skinned potatoes, blue, purple and fingerling potatoes. They are low in starch and high in moisture and sugar. These potatoes are usually small and round in shape, although some varieties can be bigger.

Waxy potatoes are good for boiling because they hold their shape well, and their firm yet creamy texture makes perfect potato salads!

Starchy Potatoes

Russet, Idaho and Yukon gold potatoes are starchy and great for baking, mashing and deep-frying. Their high-starch content produces an even colour when frying and their starch granules swell as they boil for the fluffiest mashed potatoes every time.

Note: Yukon gold potatoes are lower in starch than other baking potatoes, making them a very good all-purpose potato.

Chef Jo Lusted shared an easy potato trick (using starchy ones) to make sure you get crispy fries every time!

How To Get Crispy Fries Every Time

Potato Tip: The trick to getting crispy and fluffy fries is to soak them in hot water. Get Chef Jo Lusted Dish Do-Over Fish and Chips recipe: http://www.cbc.ca/stevenandchris/food/dish-do-over-fish-and-chips

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