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Wattleseed Ice Cream Dessert

Chef John Placko's Australian-inspired dessert combines these molecular creations for a fresh and innovative dessert experience.


Chocolate Snow

Chocolate Snow is made by combining maltodextrin and melted chocolate in a food processor.  The final product is a light and fluffy powder that re-hydrates when it hits your tongue. It serves as the base display of our ice cream plate.

Wattleseed Ice Cream

Wattleseed is native to Australia and combines the flavours of coffee, chocolate and hazelnuts all into one. The ice cream is created with a traditional base and the use of liquid nitrogen, which freezes it in just minutes.

Honey Meringue Foam

Honey Meringue Foam is light and airy and suitable for vegans or vegetarians. Containing no dairy, this foam is made from honey, xantham gum, versawhip and water. Versawhip  is an alternative to gelatin and acts as a stabilizer, similar to egg whites.  It can be piped out of a piping bag and glazed with a blowtorch for presentation.

Warm Passionfruit Jelly

This jelly is created with agar, a seaweed based gelatinous substance. The mixture is chilled in the fridge and can be cut into cubes or strips.  It can be served warm or cold.

John Placko with Steven and Chris

Thanks to John Placko for sharing this amazing recipe with us!


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