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Ultimate Healthy Breakfast Shake

Ultimate Healthy Breakfast Shake


Personal trainer Lyzabeth Lopez's super-filling, superfood-packed morning shake will take you from breakfast to lunch, no sweat. Part of her plan to help you lose 10 pounds quickly and healthily.

Ultimate healthy breakfast shake


2 cups filtered water
5 leaves kale
handful spinach
4 leaves romaine lettuce
5 leaves dandelion greens
handful sunflower sprouts
1 pear, cored
1 apple, cored
3 strawberries
2 scoops kaizen vanilla protein
1 drop milk thistle tincture
1 tablespoon aloe vera (or scoop out the inside of an aloe leaf)
5 grams glutamine
4 drops vitamin D liquid supplement
3 ice cubes


  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Transfer shake into two containers, one for breakfast and one to take along as a snack until lunch.

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