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Gin 101

Gin 101


Have you heard? Gin is in! Since Mad Men blew up along with the cocktail scene, gin has been the it liqueur. Our very own Cocktail Deeva gives us the 411 on the good and the better when it comes to gin.


Gin originated in Holland in the 1550's. It was originally made to be medicine, so technically it's good for you. Gin can be made from any pure alcohol. Most higher-end gins use grain so the base of the ingredients hardly matter. It's all about the Botanicals that are added to it. The only botanical required is juniper, but most gins contain more — anywhere from a handful to more than 30 ingredients.

Low End

Low-End Gin and Slow Gin Fizz

A lower end gin is distilled in a larger vat for a short period of time. Fewer botanicals are added to a low quality gin. The quality of botanicals added are not as pure as others in a high quality gin.

  • Beefeater
  • Gordons
  • Brokers
What would you use it for?

Low end gin is great for common bar cocktails. A drink where your ingredients are also not that high end.

Slow Gin Fizz

1 oz slow gin
1 oz gin
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup
3 - 4 oz soda water

Shake the gin, lemon juice and simple syrup with ice and strain into an ice-filled highball glass. Top with soda, garnish with a slice of orange and a cherry, and serve.

Middle End

Middle-End Gin and Classic Gin and Tonic

Mid-range gins are distilled for longer periods of time and more watched than others. The distill master monitors the gin more carefully. A mid range gin also has good quality berries and botanicals added to the liquor.

  • Gilbeys
  • Bombay Saphire
  • Tanqueray
What would you use it for?

A middle range gin is great for parties. It's tasty in cocktails and punches.

Classic Gin and Tonic

1 oz gin
6 oz tonic water
Sliced cucumbers
1 sprig of rosemary

In a glass, add gin, tonic water, sliced cucumbers and serve with a sprig of rosemary.

High End Gin

High-End Gin and Rose Petal Cucumber Martini Higher end gins are made in smaller batches with more care. For example, Hendricks distills about half of what a normal small batch is, so the master distiller can really concentrate on the quality. The best quality botanicals and fruits are added to the gin. Even the vats the gin is distilled in are higher-end than others

  • The Botanist
  • Hendricks
  • The London no 1
  • Victoria Gin
What would you use it for?

You would use a high quality gin for cocktails with very little mix in them. A high quality gin doesn't need a lot of ingredients.

Rose Petal Cucumber Martini

1 white rose
2 ounces gin
1/2 ounce dry vermouth
1 cucumber

  1. Muddle white rose petals with a splash of gin.
  2. In a shaker, add ice, gin, dry vermouth and muddled rose petals.
  3. Shake well and serve in a Martini glass.
  4. Garnish with fresh rose petals.


Video: Gin 101

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