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Teeny Panini


Kids love grilled-cheese sandwiches so they're sure to go wild for these twists on the classic—be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Plus, this method doesn't require a panini press or any other fancy equipment.

By Jennifer Low

Jennifer Low's teeny panini for kids.

small crusty rolls
soft butter

Ham and Cheese

tomato sauce
sliced mozzarella cheese
sliced white cheddar cheese
sliced ham
sliced olives
sliced green peppers


cooked egg (fork-beaten and cooked in a frypan in "sheets," i.e. like an omelet before it's folded)
sliced cheddar or your choice of cheese
sliced ham
chopped chives

  1. Split and butter the crusty rolls. Add fillings of choice. Press down with hands to flatten.
  2. Place in bottom of heated nonstick frypan (a large one can take 2 or 3 teeny panini) and weigh down with a heavy pot (cast iron works great).
  3. Heat until bread is browned and crisp; flip, brown other side (weighted down again with pot).


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