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Stretching Your Food Dollar

Stretching Your Food Dollar


After seeing (and tasting!) what chef Voula Halliday could do with just one roast chicken (we're talking five family dinners, people), we just had to ask her for more tips on stretching your food dollar. Here's what she told us:


  • Buy less. Use more. Waste nothing.
  • Go to the grocery store or farmer's market with a plan and buy only what you know you will be cooking each week.
  • Use more of what you have on hand. Don't be frightened to get creative with your larder. Try new combinations.
  • Re-think leftovers. They are a delicious luxury just waiting for a chance to be the star at the table. Once you stop seeing leftovers as mere clutter in the fridge, you'll find yourself throwing out less and making the most of what's on hand.
  • When planning your weekly menu, pick food that makes for luxurious leftover dishes (e.g. roast chicken).
  • Don't be afraid to substitute basic ingredients. One cheese variety can be easily swapped for another. Vegetables with similar qualities are interchangeable. Use whatever herbs and spices you have available; after all, they're the ones you like!


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