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Quick Kitchen Tips: Pasta

Quick Kitchen Tips: Pasta


Your pasta predicaments: Solved!


1. When you're making soup, size does matter.
Soup noodles should always be shorter than your spoon. Noodles too long? Steven says: Roll uncooked spaghetti in a clean towel. Holding one end in each hand, run the wrapped noodles over the edge of the counter to crack into small pieces, mess-free!

2. Measure with money.
Did you know that you can measure out portions of long pasta noodles using the change in your pocket? Wrap your index finger and thumb around the pasta to form a circle. Compare it to the following money measures:
• Child portion = Size of a dime (1/2 cup cooked) form a circle
• Adult portion = Size of a nickel (1 cup cooked) form a circle
• Dinner for two adults = Size of a quarter (2 cups cooked)

3. Pressed for time? Make your own frozen pasta dinners!
Here's how:
1) Freeze tomato sauce in ice cube tray.
2) Cook your favorite pasta al dente.
3) Add veggies to pasta water during last minute of cooking to blanch.
4) Drain pasta and veggies, oil lightly and cool on a baking tray.
5) Portion pasta and veggies into resealable plastic bags. Add protein and 2-3 frozen tomato sauce cubes.
6) To reheat from frozen, place bag's contents in skillet over medium heat. Cover and cook for approximately 10 minutes.

quick_kitchen_tips_pasta2.jpg4. Unstick your sheets!
This edition's winning Vileda Quick Kitchen Tip for unsticking your lasagna sheets comes from viewer Natasha Mendonca:
1) Lay noodles in dish, overlapping slightly.
2) Pour water over noodles, using tongs to gently separate sheets.
3) Drain pasta and rinse under cold water. Oil lightly. Use immediately or cover and refrigerate.

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