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Quick Kitchen Tips: Corn


1. Keep it damp and sweet.

Corn is sweetest fresh off the stalk. Once picked, the sugars in the corn begin to convert to starch almost immediately. To maintain its sweetness, wrap unhusked cobs in a damp paper bag, then in a plastic shopping bag. Store for up to two days.

2. Aw, shucks!

Shucking corn can be a messy and time-consuming endeavour but it's something that kids love to do. So put 'em to work! If you don't have a few little helpers, use a serrated knife to cut both ends off the corn. Roll corn on a flat surface, and the husk will come right off. To remove the remaining silk, rub cob with a damp Sponge Towel et voila!

3. Don't be a tool.

You don't need a fancy gadget or tool to remove kernels from a cob of corn. Simply slice off the tip to give yourself a flat surface. Invert a small bowl into a larger one and place the cob in the centre of smaller bowl. Hold the cob upright, slice with a sharp knife, and all the kernels will fall into the large bowl. An angel food cake or Bundt pan also work well for this.

4. Do the dip.

Everyone has a different technique for buttering their corn: Some like to roll in a block of butter, others like to butter a piece of bread and rub the corn with that. Viewer Blaise Bolland's maverick method is this edition's winning Vileda Quick Kitchen Tip. He wrote: "I have the best kitchen tip for the summer and fall. It is the easiest way to butter cobs of corn without making a mess or wasting butter. (Nobody wants to use butter with leftover corn pieces in it!) Take a tall cylindrical container and fill it with boiling water. Place the desired amount of butter on top of the water and allow to melt. Once melted, dip cobs one at a time for a light, complete coating of butter. Sprinkle with salt and enjoy!"


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