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Oscar Night Appetizers: Healthy Party Recipes


If you're planning a viewing party for The Oscars this weekend, you'll want to serve up some glamorous and tasty treats for your guests. Nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulous shares three red carpet-ready recipes that will leave you looking healthy and glowing, just like the celebrities!





1 cucumber, juiced
1 dandilion tea, steeped and chilled (very strong)
1 chamomile tea, steeped and chilled (very strong)
fresh mint leaves
1 ounce of vodka
1 ounce of cucumber juice
1 ounce of camomile tea
1 ounce chamomile tea
1 baby cucumber sliced thin lengthwise on a mandolin


  1. Muddle mint in cocktail shaker and fill with ice.
  2. Pour in the vodka, cucumber juice and both teas.
  3. Shake very well and strain into a cocktail glass.
  4. Garnish with cucumber ribbons.
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Fig and Olive Tapenade Crostini

For the Fig and Olive Tapenade

1/2 cup dried figs
1/2 cup walnuts
2 cups black Kalamata olives, pitted
2 teaspoons capers
1 teaspoon dried oregano
2 tablespoons juice of freshly squeezed orange
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
4 fresh figs, as garnish

  1. Rehydrate dried figs in a bowl of warm water for about one hour until they are plump and tender (or to speed things up, bring water to a boil in a sauce pan then reduce to low heat. Add the figs and simmer for about 15 minutes).
  2. Add walnuts to food processor and pulse until ground. Remove from food processor and set aside.
  3. Once figs are rehydrated, give them a rough chop and pulse together with olives, capers, oregano, and freshly squeezed orange juice in food processor until finely chopped.
  4. Transfer mixture to mixing bowl and season with pepper. Stir in 3/4 of the ground sacha inchi into tapenade. Set aside the rest as garnish for crostini.                                                                                  
  5. For the hummus: Place all ingredients in food processor or blender and blend until smooth. You may adjust water for desired level of creaminess.

For the Sprouted Grain Crisps 

4 slices of sprouted grain bread
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 medium garlic clove, minced
1 tablespoon finely chopped rosemary

  1. Preheat oven to 325 F.
  2. Using a rolling pin, flatten out each slice of sprouted grain bread until flat.
  3. Using a round cookie cutter, cut out round circle shapes of the bread.
  4. Stir olive oil with garlic. Lightly brush each round with garlic/olive oil mixture.
  5. Place on a baking sheet in a single layer.
  6. Lightly sprinkle chopped rosemary over top.
  7. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until lightly golden and crisp. Let crisps cool on a wire cooling rack.
  8. Once sprouted grain crisps are cool, first spread layer of hummus, then dollop with fig and olive tapenade and garnish with remaining ground walnut and thin slice of fresh fig.
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Lobster and Shrimp Ceviche

This low-calorie, high-flavour and high-protein recipe is a perfect party dish that will help keep your waistline in check. Serve in martini or scotch glasses for a glammed-up feel. Plus it's rich in two beauty minerals — zinc and selenium — which helps give your skin that sought-after glow. The zinc adds healthy colour to a dull complexion and the selenium repairs cell damage and slows down the skin's aging process. Selenium also supports the elasticity of our skin.

1/4 pound shrimp (raw), cut into 1/2 inch cubes
2 tablespoons lime juice
One 1/2 pound lobster, cooked and removed from the shell
1/2 granny smith apple, cut into thin julienne
1 large or 2 small (or to taste) jalapenos, sliced very thin
3 scallions, chopped
1 small carrot, cut into thin julienne
1/4cup finely diced red onion
1/2 cup cilantro leaves
1 1/2 cups sunflower sprouts
1/2 cup cilantro leaves
1 1/2 cups sunflower sprouts

Dressing ingredients

2 tablespoons lemon
2 to 3 tablespoons orange
1 tablespoon soy
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
1 tablespoon coconut sugar
2 tablespoons ginger, minced
1 tablespoon sesame oil

  1. Toss the shrimp and lime juice together in a large bowl. Let sit 5 to 6 minutes to "cook" the shrimp.
  2. Cut the lobster into bite size pieces. Add to shrimp in bowl along with the apple, jalapeƱos, scallions, carrot, onion, cilantro and sunflower sprouts. Toss to mix.
  3. Whisk together the dressing ingredients in a medium bowl. Pour the dressing over the ceviche and toss well.
  4. Spoon into martini glasses and serve.
:::Oscar viewing party recipes: Lobster and Shrimp Ceviche | Steven and Chris:::
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