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Oatmeal to Order

Oatmeal to Order


Who doesn't love oatmeal? It's hearty, healthy and extremely versatile. Get your kids to love it, too, by letting them garnish their own bowl!

By Jennifer Low


Basic Banana Oatmeal
3 cups water
Pinch of salt
1 ripe banana, sliced
2 cups oatmeal (quick or old-fashioned oats)

1. Bring water and salt to a simmer.

2. Add sliced banana.

3. Cook until banana begins to break down (2 to 3 minutes).

4. Stir in oats. Cook, stirring occasionally, until oats are done (1 min. for quick oats, 5 min. for old-fashioned oats).

Jen's Coco-Banana Oatmeal
Scoop a bowl of the basic banana oatmeal and add a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder, a touch of brown sugar, more banana slices, a splash of milk and a few toasted sliced almonds or pecan pieces.

Her Kids' Secret Recipe
Scoop a bowl of the basic banana oatmeal and add sliced bananas, chocolate chips (a few!), milk and (maybe) a shake of cinnamon sugar*.

* Three parts sugar, one part cinnamon.

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