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Merry Mojito and Boozy Gifts


If you're looking for some great gift ideas for your booze-loving friends, Cocktail Deeva has suggestions! These gifts are perfect for the giving.


Insert the frozen corkcicle into your bottle. It will cool room temperature reds in 15 min or keep whites perfectly chilled for an hour!

Glass Dharma Straws

One of these pretty glass straws replaces thousands of plastic straws that could end up in the landfill. They are made from toxin-free commercial grade glass and will not chip or break easily.


This cool gadget turns water into sparkling drinks in seconds! With over 100 flavours to choose from the options are endless. Each drink contains 60% less calories than traditional soda.

Dee experimented with Night Tonic - Mojito, and turned it into a delicious cocktail.

Merry Mojito


2 ounces Rum
2 ounces white cranberry juice
2 ounces Mojito SodaStream Soda
Splash of simple syrup
Fresh mint
Frozen cranberries
Icing sugar for glass rim

Dip the rim of your highball glass into the simple syrup and then dip it into icing sugar to create a snowy rim for your cocktail glass.

Make a batch of Mojito SodaStream Soda using Night Tonic - Mojito syrup.

Pour rum and juice into a shaker glass. Add mint and simple syrup. Muddle. Add ice cubes and then shake.

Pour mix into your highball glass. Top with Mojito SodaStream Soda. Add frozen cranberries as garnish. Cheers!


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