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Leftover Madness: Sirloin Steak


We just love Voula Halliday's luxurious leftovers, and this week's menu, starring sirloin steak, is no exception. Let the leftover madness begin!

Voula Halliday's grilled top sirloin and easy oven-roasted peppers.

Voula's Grilled Top Sirloin

The perfect steak yields the perfect week's meal plan—just in time for BBQ season! Best served with Voula's easy oven-roasted peppers.

Voula Halliday's beef and asparagus pasta with lemon cream.

Creamy Beef & Asparagus Pasta

The fresh flavours of spring brighten up yesterday's leftovers.

Voula Halliday's beef and blue cheese pizza with onion-maple marmalade.

Beef & Blue Cheese Pizza

Complete with homemade whole-wheat pizza dough anyone can make!
Voula Halliday's spicy beef and cauliflower stuffed baked potatoes.

Spicy Beef & Cauliflower Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Indian spices add some kick to these not-so-average baked potatoes.


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