Jamie Oliver Day!

By Amrita Singh

Oh boy.  It's Jamie Oliver day and everyone is in a tizzy!  He almost didn't make it to our set in time and we had to pull the whole segment down.  He had to cancel his morning interviews because of flight delays.  Then he was stuck on the tarmac waiting for customs to do their thing.  After some very tense moments and a multitude of phone calls back and forth, I got the call saying he was five minutes away from our studio.  The show can go on! 

When Jamie got out of his car he apologized profusely for being late.  He delivered a solid handshake and didn't seem frazzled one bit.  He sang in the elevator on the way up to the studio and drummed on his legs while sitting in the makeup chair.  He called everyone "love" and took time to ask questions and get a clear picture of what had to happen on set.  With the frenzied pace of it all I thought we'd have to skip the bonus of having him autograph his latest book (Jamie's America).  Lucky for all of you, he was more than happy to sign copies for giveaway.  You can win one of these copies here.

Jamie Oliver 1.jpg

Jamie was supposed to assemble two recipes over two segments but with the delayed start we ran out of time for his Chicken Mole dish.  No matter though, the entire audience had a blast hearing him share personal stories instead.  He started off as the Naked Chef...so has he ever cooked naked?  Yes!  Watch the episode to hear the hilarious story.  

The best part of Jamie Oliver Day?  Seeing firsthand that it is possible for celebrities to stay grounded and sincere.  Case in point.  I found out an audience member had made a special flower bouquet for Jamie and wanted to present it to him after the segment.  I was a little nervous about the prospect and went to Jamie's manager to ask if it would be okay.  She said, "Jamie will accept anything any fan has to give him...no problem."  When I directed Jamie to the audience to pick up his gift he stopped to sign autographs and interact with others.  By this point he was really late for his Indigo book signing and he knew it.  It didn't seem to matter though.  Watch it go down here.

After thanking him for being with us on the show I got a big bear hug and all the stress of getting him to the studio melted away.  He started singing again as he stepped into the elevator, waved goodbye, and moved on to his next stop.


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