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Hungry for Halloween

Hungry for Halloween


These spooky snacks are terrifyingly good. Taste at your own risk!


The-Bloodier-the-Better Caesar

This bloody bevvie will cost you a pound of flesh—er, bacon—but one salty, sanguine sip and you'll be thirsty for more.


Devilled Giant Spider Eggs

Kary Osmond lets her inner mad scientist out with these creepy, crawly arachnoid apps.


Pumpkin Cheese Ball

It's the ultimate Halloween party food!


Pumpkin Ravioli With Sage Butter & Hazlenuts

A grown-up goodie to balance out the holiday's kiddie fare.


Sticky Treats

From caramel apples to werewolf cub-cakes, three ooey, gooey goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Key Lime Tarts

Green Slime Pie

There's nothing to fear in this heart-healthy take on the key lime classic.


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