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How to Store Leftover Chipotle Peppers


Chipotle peppers are great for adding flavour to your favourite dishes but recipes usually call for a small amount to be used. The biggest mistake anyone can make with storing anything is keeping it in its can. The can will rust and the food will rot! Instead of throwing away the rest of the can, Chef Jo Lusted has tips for saving those hot peppers for later use.

Store chipotle peppers in your fridge with a mason jar and add olive oil on top.

Refrigerator Storage

A great way to store your hot peppers for the short term are in mason jars. When storing food in your fridge, make sure to use the smallest container possible. As you add the peppers to the jar, make sure to poke them down so that they are fully submerged in the sauce. This way there are no air bubbles to spoil them. Air is your enemy when it comes to storing food because it makes any food go bad. Finally, pour tiny drops of olive oil just so it covers the surface and creates a barrier between the peppers and air. The peppers will last up to a week with this method. 

Make sure to lie the puréed peppers flat in a zip lock bag when you store them in the freezer.

Freezer Storage

You may want to freeze your chipotle peppers for longer storage time. Purée the peppers in a food processor before placing them in a small zip lock bag.  Flatten the puréed peppers for a faster defrost time and to help keep your freezer organized. Frozen flat puréed peppers are easier to break off small measurements to use in your favourite dishes. Remember, one tablespoon of purée is equal to one chipotle pepper.


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