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How to Select and Store Seafood


Seafood's expensive, so let's make sure we select and treat it right! Chef Jonathan Collins shares his tips on on how to pick and store our seafood to keep it fresher, longer.

Chef Jonathan's first tip is to use your senses. Look at the colour for vibrance and texture. And when it comes to smell, he says, "if there's any question there's no question."


How to store mussels and clams

First, check for opened or chipped shells, and discard them. Don't store mussels and clams in water. Instead, let them hang in a sieve over a bowl and voer them with a damp towel. Scrub and debeard them just before using.


How to store shrimp

If frozen, let shrimp defrost in the fridge, or run cold water (not warm!) over them to bring them up to temperature. Check the shells beforehand. They shouldn't be cloudy, as that's a sign of freezer burn.

For storage, put them in a sieve over a bowl to drain, and place ice on top to keep cold.


How to store fish

If buying fresh fillets, give them a sniff. They should be firm, not mushy, and they shouldn't smell strong.

If the fish comes in plastic bag, remove it and rewrap in paper towel. Store it on a plate or tray in the coldest part of fridge.


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