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How to Order Wine at a Restaurant


Most of us order wine without any real idea of what we're looking for. So we turned to Cocktail Deeva Dee to teach us how to order wine like a pro!


Be Honest About Cost

Tell the server what you want to spend on a bottle. Sometimes they have bottles in the cellar that are not on the menu.

Be Specific on Flavour

Tell them what you like but don't say "dry or sweet." Tell them a specific wine flavour like a cabernet or a pinot.

Don't be afraid to say no. When you taste the bottle, if you don't like it, say "No this one is not okay, may we try something else."

Finally, never sniff the cork. You just look silly.

Order by Food

A good server will always ask what you're planning on eating to help with your wine choice. Food can drastically change the flavour of any wine.

If the server doesn't ask, be sure to tell them. If the server doesn't seem knowledgeable in wine, ask if there is a sommelier working. Wine in a restaurant is not cheap, so you want to make sure you enjoy it!

Swirl Your WIne... But Not For Too Long

Swirl the wine a couple of seconds, not longer. The goal is to aerate the wine a bit, not to slosh it around and show off.


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