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How to Make the Best Burgers

No doubt, some of the best things about summer are the smell and taste of a grilled juicy burger. Taste aside, what also makes burgers a crowd favourite is how simple they are to prepare! Burger patties freeze well too, making them the perfect make-ahead entertaining option or quick weeknight meal.

Burger on a grill.
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Here are tips for buying and cooking burgers.

Buy Smart

While lean ground beef can be a little pricier, this is a great choice for patties because your burgers won't shrink as much as those with a higher fat content — you'll end up with more burger for your money.


Ground beef often goes on sale, so stock up then!

  1. Divide your purchase into one pound portions and freeze for when you need it.
  2. Make sure to wrap each portion tightly in a double layer of plastic wrap to protect it from freezer burn.
  3. Flatten the portions to make defrosting process quicker.
  4. When thawing ground beef, move it to the fridge and let it thaw overnight. Avoid defrosting it in hot water or at room temperature as this will give bad bacteria a chance to grow.


Adding ingredients like bread crumbs or beef stock will enhance the flavour of the meat (as well as make it go a little further). For an extra-special burger, you can stuff them with cheese, veggies or any other fixings.


Use a light hand when mixing your meat to avoid overworking and toughening it. Portion your patties using an ice cream scoop or a measuring cup to ensure they're all the same size and will cook at the same rate.


Preheat your skillet or grill so it's nice and hot when the meat hits it. Never press burgers down with a spatula or you'll squeeze out the precious flavours and juices. Cook your burgers until a digital thermometer inserted sideways into the centre registers 160F (71C). Try checking in around the 10-minute mark.

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