How to Keep Food Fresher, Longer


It feels awful to throw out food, so to help prevent you having to do it again, check out these really great tips to keep food fresher, longer.



When cut in half, avocados can brown quickly, even when wrapped in plastic. But if you put the unused portion in a bowl of ice cold water and refrigerate, the browning process will slow as the oxygen is kept out.


Ethylene gas naturally emits from the stems of bananas, in the ripening process. Wrapping the stem of bananas in plastic wrap will slow the emission of this gas, essentially giving bananas a longer shelf life. Individually wrapping each banana stem in plastic will help to further extend their life.


To store potatoes and onions for the longest shelf life, you need to keep them well apart from each other and in a cool, dry place. Potatoes and onions release moisture and gases essentially causing the other to spoil quicker.


Tomatoes should be stored on a counter top and not the refrigerator. When stored in the fridge they have a mealy taste to them. Placing tomatoes stem-side down on the counter top blocks air from entering and moisture from exiting the scar (stem). This way they can last for up to two weeks.


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