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How to Cook for a Crowd

Cooking for a crowd can be so rewarding, especially when it's for a room filled with friends and family you love. But it can also cause some serious anxiety. It need not, however, and to help you plan for your next big event, we've gathered together our best tips for a smooth-running event. Do these four things and you can feed a large group and look forward to it too.

A crowd eating dinner at an outdoor table.
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1. Plan it Out

Choose your menu wisely by picking dishes that deliver big results with little effort. Things like big roasts, casseroles and stews are great options that stretch.

2. Keep it Simple

Stick to your favourite recipes, and if you do attempt a dish that you think might be challenging, leave yourself plenty of time to make it.

3. Make-ahead

This is a top tip from the team over at Best Recipes Ever! Opt for dishes you can make the night before, or do-ahead and freeze. Try out Chef Voula Halliday’s make-ahead and freezable empanadas!

4. Schedule the Big Day

Block out your time on the day of the event, starting from when your guests arrive and working backwards. Then add an hour — the time you'll give yourself to tidy and freshen up before your guests arrive.

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