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Home Bartending Party Hacks


Hosting a party anytime soon? Make sure everything runs smoothly drinks-wise with Cocktail Deeva’s four brilliant party hacks.


1) Citrus Ice Cubes

Champagne glass with frozen fruits submerged in the glasses instead of ice cubes.

The most important rule of serving drinks is to not dilute them! Freeze slices of citrus fruit (like lemon, orange or lime) and add them to your drinks.

Tip: Freeze pieces flat first for 30 minutes before storing in a bag in the freezer so they don't turn into an ice clump.

2) Bottle Opener Security

Two bottle openers are tied to a bucket filled with beer bottles.

What's worse than not being able to find the bottle opener? To make sure your guests don't misplace them, tie multiple beer and wine openers to your booze bucket. And if you're having an ourdoor party in the summer, consider tying them to each lawn chair.

3) Self-Serve Bar

Celery, berries, hot sauce, cut up fruits, and olives are all displayed on a wooden tray. There are martini glasses and two mixers surrounding them.

Enjoy your party and don't spend all your time serving your guests. Fill your buffet bar with booze, mixes and garnishes, and let them have fun with it. This idea is great when guests are sleeping over or you know that everyone is getting home safe.

4) Booze Fortune Teller

A giant red, paper fortuneteller sits in front of multiple alcohol bottles on a table.

Kick it old school with the school yard fortune teller! Instead of predicting who you will marry, concoct the ultimate drink. Take a square a piece of paper, fold it into a fortune teller and fill it in with following categories:

  • For the outside, start with a flavours: spicy, fruity, bitter, sour
  • For the inside flaps, hard liquor: brandy, whisky, gin, vodka
  • For under the flaps, finishing liquid: juice, cola, tonic, sparkling wine

This will keep your guests entertained for hours!


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