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Freezer Fixes

Don't get burned by your freezer. Follow domestic diva Sara Lynn Cauchon's clever tips for avoiding the most common icy issues.


Freezer Burnt Ice Cream

Ice cream is particularly prone to freezer burn. The solution? Cover the ice cream's surface with plastic wrap between uses. No air, no burn.

Bag o' Bacon

A frozen block of bacon can be a real pain to work with. Instead of freezing bacon in its package, lay the pieces out separately on a wax paper-lined baking sheet and freeze for an hour. Once frozen, store pieces in a plastic freezer bag and simply grab as many as you need the next time you're achin' for bacon!

Casserole Containers

Why freeze the container when it's the casserole you need? Here's a space-saving tip: Assemble your casserole in a foil-lined baking dish; freeze. Remove the casserole contents and wrap well in a plastic freezer bag before returning to the freezer. Come casserole night, you'll have a perfect fit for your dish.

Wine/Stock Blocks

Save yourself hassle and waste by freezing leftover stock or cooking wine in ice cube trays, then transferring them to plastic freezer bags.

Tomato Paste Waste

Don't toss the can, man! Use an ice cream scoop to create uniform balls of leftover tomato paste on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Freeze, then place the balls in a plastic freezer bag to store.


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