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DIY Movie Night for Valentine’s Day


Turn down the lights and get cozy! Have a romantic movie night in with your special someone this Valentine's Day.




DIY Bench and Pillow Quilt


Piece of plywood
2 x 4's
4 screws
9 26" x 26" pillows


  1. Create an A-frame bench back by drilling 2 x 4's into a large piece of plywood on an angle.
  2. To create a comfy lounge area, grab 26 x 26" pillows and stitch together the edges.
  3. Set up this "pillow quilt" against your frame and add some more throw pillows and blankets for your movie night in.
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DIY Movie Marquee Sign


Foam Core
Exacto Knife
Bristol Board
Glue Gun
Battery Operated LED lights
Spray paint (optional)


  1. Cut letters out of foam core.
  2. Measure and cut 1.5" strips of bristol board.
  3. Glue gun strips to the outer edges of letters.
  4. Poke holes every inch or so into back of letters
  5. If the bristol board and foam core are not the colour you were hoping for, simply spray paint the letters in a well ventilated area and let dry.
  6. Push battery operated LED lights into each hole and secure with glue gun.
  7. To create a backing, cut out another shape such as an arrow or rectangle with foam core and mount your letters onto it.
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DIY Snack Holder


Dollar store bowls
Circle Drill


  1. Mark centre of bowl's bottom.
  2. Use circle drill to create hole large enough for pop bottle to push through.
  3. Sand edges of hole.
  4. Push pop bottle through and fill bowl with snacks!
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Pizza Roll Ups


Premixed crescent rolls
Bag of sliced pepperoni
Bag of stringed cheese


  1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
  2. Unroll crescent mix and place about 6 pepperoni slices along each one.
  3. Cut stringed cheese pieces in half.
  4. Roll cheese into crescents and place in oven for 15-20 minutes until golden brown.
:::DIY Valentine's Day Movie Night: Pizza Roll Ups:::
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