Dinner for the Dead: Ultimate Halloween Meal


As food stylist on the hit NBC show Hannibal, Janice Poon gets to create ghoulish dishes for the program's titular cannibal. Here's Janice's Dinner for the Dead, a complete menu for a Halloween meal that's sure to terrify (and delight) your guests!

Dinner for the Dead

Appetizer: Asparagus ‘Skeleton Hands’


To start the meal, a skeletal hand made of white asparagus spears (or white carrots) along with prosciutto "flesh." Skeleton hands recipe »

Main Course: ‘Leg Bones’ Halloween Osso Buco


The main course is a plate that looks like nothing so much as a human femur (luckily it's just osso buco). Leg bones recipe »

Side Dish: Cauliflower 'Brains'


A head of cauliflower looks pretty much like a human brain already; the ketchup and pink salad dressing complete the hemorrhaging effect. Cauliflower brains recipe »

Drinks: Bloody Martini, Brain Hemorrhage and Cosmo-skullitan


To go with the meal, three ghastly (but delicious) cocktails. Dinner for the Dead cocktail recipes »


Video: Asparagus ‘Skeleton Hands’

Video: 'Leg Bone' Halloween Osso Buco

Video: Cauliflower 'Brains'

Video: 3 Spooky Halloween Cocktails

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