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Coconut Panna Cotta

Coconut Panna Cotta


Chef Joshna shows us that using coconut milk for your panna cotta is just as rich and indulgent as heavy cream or buttermilk, and raw honey adds a beautiful floral note. The bright, acidic lime helps to cut the richness of the coconut, leaving you with a nicely balanced mouthful.


Serves 4


zest of 1 lime
2 Tbsp. lime juice
1 packet (about 2 tsp) powdered unflavoured gelatin
1/4 cup raw honey
1 tsp vanilla
1 (14-oz.) can regular coconut milk


1. Place the lime juice in a small bowl. Sprinkle with the gelatin and let stand 5 minutes.

2. Combine the coconut milk and honey in a small pot. Warm over medium heat and bring the mixture just to scalding point, stirring occasionally to dissolve the honey. Remove from heat, cover and let stand for 15 minutes.

3. Uncover pot, add gelatin and whisk to dissolve gelatin mixture. Pour the mixture through a fine mesh sieve into 4, 8-oz. heatproof ramekins. Cool to room temperature. Cover and refrigerate until set, 4 hours, or overnight.

Serve with honey roasted seasonal fruit and coconut crisps.


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