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Cocktail Deeva’s House Party Bar Essentials

If there's one person we can count on to throw a great party, it's our cocktail Deeva Dee Brun. So of course, we turned to her for the best tips and tricks to properly stock your bar for your next soiree!


Stock Up on Ice

Dee has a saying: "There are two things you can never have too much of at a party. Ice and good looking men." The rule of thumb for stocking ice is to make sure you have 1.5 lbs of ice per person. You need the extra ice if your keeping things like beer and wine cold.

"If you think you have enough, go buy two more bags," Dee adds. "The only thing worse than a warm drink is no drink."

Essential Alcohol

You will never be able to please everyone, so keep it simple. Beer, wine and a signature cocktail or punch is more than enough. If you feel you need spirits, Dee recommends vodka, rum and good tequila. Don't stock a huge bar just to have the leftovers sit in a cupboard for months.

Mix It Up

A good quality fruit juice like a white cranberry or white grape, soda and tonic are a great combo. Of course, it never hurts to have cola and ginger ale on hand.

Don't Forget the Garnish

It's always a good idea to have olives, lemon and lime slices on hand. Pre-sliced fruit like oranges and pineaapples can also add some flavour to your signature cocktail.

Dee's Foolproof Party Cocktail

This cocktail is sure to please! Get the recipe for Dee's Hawaiian blue tropical daiquiri, which she serves at all her parties.


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