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Cocktail Deeva’s Essential Bar Tools

Just as a chef requires the right appliances, you need great tools in your bar to prepare a fabulous cocktail. These are Cocktail Deeva Dee's four essentials for any home bar.



Always have a corkscrew on hand to open wine and beer bottles. Always! Look for a corkscrew that's a little heavy. The heavier, the better and faster it will open the bottle. For a two-for-one deal look for a corkscrew with a bottle opener attachment.

Juice Press

A lot of the cocktails Dee makes calls for at least a splash of lemon or lime juice. A juice press comes in handy when you need to get all the juice out of your citrus, and it doesn't get your hands messy. When buying, go for a lemon juice press. It's bigger and can hold oranges and limes.

Mortar and Pestle

So many great cocktails have muddled herbs, fruits and sugar cubes. A good mortar and pestle should be made out of marble or a heavier material and be unfinished.

Cocktail Shaker

This is a given. Splurge on a good quality shaker because this is the tool you will use the most. Your shaker should always be metal because it will keep your cocktail cooler.


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