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Our Best Cleanse and Detox Recipes for the New You!


If you’re feeling those holiday indulgences, you’re not alone! We’ve got seven great recipes to have you feeling heathy and energized in no time.




To help ease digestion, try this salad loaded with fibre.

Get the Fibre-Rich Bean Detox Salad Recipe»

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This delicious cleanse-friendly pasta recipe will make you forget you're in a detox!

Get the Cleanse-Friendly Zucchini Pasta Recipe»

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Soup for breakfast may sound a bit odd but trust us, this recipe will help kick-start your digestion and give you the adequate protein and nutrients to stabilize blood sugar for the day.

Get the Breakfast Soup Recipe» 

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This detox cocktail — also known as Green Juice — is a great refresher to your system. Even though there is no alcohol in this, it tastes great!

Get the Detox Cocktail Recipe»

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A clean diet consists of whole foods with healthy fats and good protein. This alternative pasta dish is just what your body needs after a week or two of letting go.

Get the Branzino with Spaghetti Squash Recipe»

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This salad is quick and easy to make, and keeps in the fridge for at least a week! The fiber and phytonutrients make this an ideal detox meal.

Get the Chickpea Detox Salad Recipe»

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Bone broth is full of nutrients and makes a great base for healthy soups and detox meals.

Get the Tosca Reno’s Detox Bone Broth Recipe»

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