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Unbelievably Delicious Grey Cup Snacks


The Grey Cup happens but once a year, so why not treat yourself to some of these (occasionally sinful) crave-worthy gameside snacks?


/stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/iStock_chickenwings-Medium.png:::You'd never guess these are low-calorie!

Get the Recipe for Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip»

:::Buffalo Chicken Wings::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/meatball-slider-istock.png:::Chef Rodney Bowers pulls out all the stops with this classic mini-burger classic.

»Get The Recipe For Italian Meatball Sliders

:::Meatball Sliders::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/best_mozzarella_sticks_ever1.jpg:::Made with two types of cheese, big pieces of ham and finished with a golden, crispy coating, no one can eat just one.

Get The Recipe For The Best Cheese Sticks Ever»

:::Best Mozzerella Sticks Ever::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/foolproof_baby_back_ribs.jpg:::Steal this dry rub recipe and make it your own!

Get The Recipe For Foolproof Baby Back Ribs»

:::Foolproof Baby Back Ribs::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/cranberry_bean_nachos1.jpg:::Laden with beans, hot peppers and queso fresco, it's a meal in snack-format!

Get The Recipe For Loaded Bean Nachos<<

:::Loaded Bean Nachos::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/guacamole_clasico.jpg:::Your go-to recipe for a simple, classic guacamole.

Get The Recipe For Classic Guacamole»

:::Classic Guacamole::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/youd_never_know_its_veggie_chili1.jpg:::Loaded with veggies and bursting with flavour!

Get The Recipe For You'd Never Know It's Veggie Chili»

:::You'd Never Know It's Veggie Chili::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/spicy_corn_hummus1.jpg:::Easy-peasy recipe -- just whiz in a blender and serve!

Get The Recipe For Spicy Corn Hummus»

:::Spicy Corn Hummus::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/potato_chip_chocolate_squares.jpg:::A little sweet, a little savoury, a lot of awesome.

Get The Recipe For Miss Vickie's Potato Chip Chocolate Squares»

:::Potato Chip Chocolate Squares:::
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