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Checkerboard Cake

Checkerboard Cake


Chocolate-vanilla checkerboard cake.

2 9- x 13-in. store-bought cakes in complementary flavours (e.g. 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla)
2 cups vanilla or chocolate icing
12 small cookies (6 chocolate, 6 plain)

  1. Buy 2 different cakes of same size and height. Choose flavours that go together, such as vanilla or coconut and chocolate.
  2. Using dental floss, cut each cake into 2-in. squares and rearrange onto a platter or cake board, alternating colours, to form a checkerboard-patterned rectangle.
  3. Pipe your choice of store-bought icing onto seams.
  4. Garnish squares with alternating vanilla and chocolate cookies like checkers!


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