Easy Weeknight Ground Beef Recipes


Got some extra ground beef in your freezer? Or maybe you capitalized on a sale at the grocery store? Try out these no-fuss ground beef meal ideas that the whole family will love.




Nachos are happy food. Nachos mean party time. Nachos mean beer and BFFs. But nachos don't always have to be a greasy, high-calorie snack. Make a few healthy modifications and you'll be surprised to find them punch up the flavour.

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This beef and barley bun recipe from chef Jamie Oliver shares one of his favourite comfort food combinations: a fusion of British and Chinese cuisine that you can't go wrong with!.

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This seasoned, curried ground beef is a delicious and versatile recipe. It's great with peas and carrots on rice, and if you have some leftover you can add it to your quesadillas or wraps.

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Who doesn't love spaghetti? This tasty and healthy recipe is a quick and easy way to use up some leftover ground beef.

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With the savoury filling in these empanadas, you'll find yourself wanting to make a double batch.

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A simple tomato sauce, some herbes de Provence, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce brings out the best in these melt-in-your-mouth meatballs.

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Combine two irresistible indulgences — pizza and an all-dressed cheeseburger — into one delicious recipe you don't have to feel guilty about eating!

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This is not your grandmother's lasagna, but Rocco DiSpirito's recipe will resonate in flavour and, just as important, take less time to assemble and cook.

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Everybody loves a good burger, and when you make it miniature, it means you can eat way more of them!

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Ground beef is a must for cabbage rolls, but rolling them isn't required for this recipe! Use silicone muffin pans to make these delicious cabbage roll cups.

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