Cauliflower ‘Brains’

Cauliflower ‘Brains’


Hannibal's food stylist Janice Poon shares her recipes for a hemorrhaging brain (no casualties involved) as part of our Dinner for the Dead!



1 cauliflower, whole
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 cup white wine
sprinkle salt and pepper
to preference tomato sauce
to preference any creamy pink dressing


Trim leaves off whole cauliflower and cut base flat so it sits upright. Rub over generously with olive oil and spices. Pour 1/2 cup of white wine into an ovenproof, glass pie pan and place cauliflower in pan. Sprinkle on salt and pepper. Cover tightly with foil and bake at 300 F for one-and-a-half hours. Check after one hour and brush on more olive oil if cauliflower seems dry.

Quicker option: Steam
Slash the stems and steam the cauliflower for about 30 minutes or until tender.

Spoon a creamy pink dressing over the cauliflower. Using a squeeze bottle, squeeze tomato sauce to represent veins on the brain, or pour tomato sauce to represent a large hemorrhage!

Creamy pink dressing and tomato sauce is poured over a cauliflower to resemble a hemorrhaging brain.


Video: Cauliflower 'Brains'

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