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The Better Choice Challenge is coming March 1st, 2010!

Every day we'll feature challenges to help you make better choices in the five pillars of well-being - health, finance, fitness, nutrition and relationships.

Help Steven and Chris lead the way are five Better Choice Challenge Ambassadors, who will be revealed on-air on March 1st. These five amazing and inspirational women will provide information and resources both on-air and online.

We're looking for 5 of you to be our Community Ambassadors!!!

This is YOUR chance to become part of the Steven and Chris Better Choice Challenge in a MAJOR way.
The five Community Ambassadors will challenge both themselves and those around them to make better choices.
If you're chosen here's what you'll do:
  • You'll attempt to complete all of the daily Better Choice Challenges
  • You'll rally others in your community to do the same.
  • You'll share your stories with all of us through your own weekly Steven and Chris Better Choice Challenge Blog!
  • You'll receive great products and tools from Steven and Chris to help you complete your challenges and educate your community.

Each Community Ambassador will receive the ULTIMATE Better Choice Challenge starter kit FILLED with amazing products that will help your make better choices and write your blog!


How to apply:
  • CLICK HERE to send an email to betterchoicechallange@cbc.ca  telling us why you'd make a great Community Ambassador. Why do you need to make a change? Why is it important to you to help and inspire others in your community and on our site, and how will you do it? Do you have an area of expertise? What community groups are you involved with? What stories and messages would you like to share?
  • Include any photos of yourself, your friends or your family that you'd like to share.




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