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An Apple (Punch) a Day…

An Apple (Punch) a Day…


apple_punch_a_day1.jpgThis fruity cocktail's the perfect way to punch up your next party!

By Cocktail Deeva (a.k.a. Dee Brun)

Whole apples
1 bottle dry white wine (We used S&C's Trend Chardonnay-Pinot Grigio!)
1/2 cup Absolute Orient Apple vodka*
1/3 cup Cointreau
1 cup pineapple juice
1 cup white-grape juice
1 cup fresh pear slices
1/2 cup lemon slices
1/2 cup sliced peaches
2 oz. simple syrup

* Can be replaced with 1/2 cup plain vodka and 1/4 cup apple cider

For added drama, Dee likes to serve this punch in a tall vase instead of the traditional punch bowl. Add whole apples to the bottom of the vase, then top with all other ingredients. The punch can be made ahead of time for a party, but hold off on the ice until just before your guests start to arrive.

cocktail_deeva_bio.jpgCocktail Deeva, Dee Brun, is a cocktail stylist, writer, wife and mother of four but when she grows up, she wants to be Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Her motto: "Life is short, so be sure to wear fabulous heels. After all, it's all about a great cocktail and a killer pair of shoes!"


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