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7 Non-Alcoholic Drinks of the Summer


All the decadence of a cocktail, but without the booze! Lather up the sun lotion, sit back in your sun chair and sip on these refreshing drinks to cool you down this season.




Forget store-bought pop and start fresh with a DIY homemade soda that’s healthier, easy to make and tastes like the real deal.

Get the Recipe for Homemade Orange Soda»

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Our Cocktail Deeva is known for her amazing boozy drinks, but here she’s shared an equally tasty mocktail for everyone to enjoy!

Get the Recipe for Mocktail Bubbly»

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Need the perfect refresher to go along with a relaxing moment on your porch? Look no further than this simple mint iced tea.

Get the Recipe for Fresh Mint Iced Tea»

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Watermelon has become a traditional summertime cool-down treat so it only makes sense that this next drink combines the sweetness of watermelon with ginger to make one great summer mocktail!

Get the Recipe for Watermelon Kombucha Mocktail»

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Although this lemonade mocktail was designed for the little ones, it can be enjoyed by kids of all ages!

Get the Recipe for Epic Lemonade Mocktail»

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This refreshing juice is popular in South India, so we know it must be used to beat the heat!

Get the Recipe for Ginger Lime Juice»

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The warm summer night is and inviting atmosphere for a little boozy backyard fun, but sometimes we overdo it! To help cleanse your liver, try Peggy K’s detox cocktail.

Get the Recipe for the Detox Cocktail»

:::Detox Cocktail Recipe:::
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