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3 Ways to Use a Wooden Cutting Board


Transform a plain wooden cutting board three great, unique ways to be ready for any occasion! Here's some inspiration.

1. Rustic Italian Charcuterie Board

Rustic Italian Charcuterie Board

Perfect for entertaining, you see this presentation in a lot of restaurants these days. Simply pick up olives and fixings from the deli counter, and fill in a variety of mason jars and tumblers.

2. Tropical Serving Plate

Tropical Serving Plate

Here we switch it up with a tropical theme, serving up some tasty chicken skewers with spicy dipping sauce you can eat right off the board. Use lots of natural, botanical materials to create that Southeast Asian feel.

3. Clean Modern Coffee/Tea Service

Clean Modern Coffee/Tea Service

Here's a great idea for when you're having friends over for brunch, or after dinner. We've got all the fixings to serve up your tea and coffee in a chic way, using clean modern tableware with metal finishes. This Keeps everything looking sleek and polished.


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