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12 Light Desserts to Fulfill Your Sweet Cravings This Summer


Say yes to dessert after dinner and still keep your “summer body” (whatever that may be) with these light options that any sweet tooth will love!




Anytime Mango and Raspberry Ice Cream

This ice cream recipe isn't just healthy for an ice cream — it's healthy in general. Plus, it’s one of Lyzabeth Lopez’ favourites!

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Dish Do-Over: Healthier Double Chocolate Cake

Have a birthday or special occasion you want to celebrate? Enjoy the moment with this healthier version of double chocolate cake and you won’t regret it in the future.

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Fruit Salad with Fresh Coconut and Mint

Tired of your regular fruit salad? Give your fruit a burst of fresh mint flavour and an exotic touch with coconut shavings.

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Raw Carrot Cake Balls

Need a quick bite to fill your sweet cravings? Pop one of Joy McCarthy’s carrot cake balls into your mouth for instant gratification — best part, you don’t need to bake these!

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Honey and Citrus Fool

The English version of this dessert is traditionally made with custard, but Chef Chris Brown switched it for Greek yogurt, making his version a healthier alternative.

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Dish Do-Over: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? This Dish Do-Over recipe will give you more reasons to love them because Chef Jo Lusted has cut the calories to down to just 98 per cookie and reduced the fat by 43 per cent!

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Dairy-Free Banana Pear Ice Cream

This dairy-free dessert will delight even the most sensitive of stomachs!

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Granola Trifle

This quick and easy trifle makes a stunning addition to any breakfast or brunch buffet. Use your favourite brand and flavour of granola!

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Homemade Ricotta with Peaches and Honey

This summery dish uses real fruit and natural sweetening methods to offer you a high-protein, low-carb treat.

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Black Bean Chia Brownies

Trust us, these brownies are so good, no one will ever know there are beans inside (great for picky eaters)!  Joy McCarthy’s dessert is packed with fibre, good fat, and protein!

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Easy Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

Make this instant frozen yogurt for dessert any night of the week. It's just as delicious with frozen raspberries, mangoes and peaches.

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Grilled Pineapple à la Mode

This treat is the perfect end to a full evening of grilling!

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