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Sarah Keenleyside

As a Principal Designer and co-owner of Qanūk Interiors Inc., Sarah Keenleyside has become recognized for creating unique and creative environments tailored to the individuality of her clients.

Sarah's signature approach to interiors is a result of a multi-disciplinary background in art and design. Beginning with an early interest in fine art, she went on to apply those theories to the designed interior while studying Environmental Design.  Her varied work experience includes residential and commercial interiors as well as dabbling in graphic and industrial design. A move to working in lifestyle television alongside the fabulous Candice Olson reignited her love of the residential interior and inspired her to team up with fellow OCADU graduate, Lindsay Konior to found the boutique design firm Qanūk Interiors Inc.

Sarah has lived and traveled extensively abroad which has influenced her eclectic sensibility and fuelled her desire to design in a style that is uniquely Canadian.  Sarah pulls inspiration from various cultures and design styles, defining what she sees as the "new" Northern voice.


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