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Chef Kyla Eaglesham

Pastry Chef Kyla Eaglesham won her first pie baking contest at the age of six. Since then, her focus has been in both hospitality and food, with a never-ending passion for a perfect experience. Great food, company, atmosphere, and that unique instance, define the formula for how she challenges each opportunity. Growing up in a family business, in the countryside of Ontario, she developed an appreciation at an early age for fresh garden produce and the experience of the early morning buzz at a farmer's market.

While completing a degree at the University of Ottawa and a Culinary Management Diploma at Ottawa's Algonquin College she worked in catering and all facets of the restaurant industry. She then spent several years traveling the world as a flight attendant. International travel provided her with a tremendous opportunity to learn first-hand about the incredible variety of food, cultures and traditional wares that speak to the diverse heritage of Canadians.

In 2004 Kyla opened a retail café with her family, specializing in pies and cakes, and for ten years they hosted birthday parties, showers and tea parties in a turn of the century shop. The business has developed into a Bespoke Pastry Production Company called Madeleines' (named for the perfect French pastry; their signature product). At the Production Kitchen, Kyla focuses on using local ingredients and current trends to curate dessert menus and recipes for cafes, retailers and private special events. The goal is simple; creating handmade artisanal baked goods that are simple and delicious. Visit madeleines.ca to order direct from the kitchen or find out where to buy her handmade pies, quiche, cakes and baked goods.

Whether it is travelling across the country to find the perfect snack to pair with a glass of milk, or participating in local markets to find the best seasonal ingredients: baking and recipe developing are always on her mind. Kyla shares her family favourite recipes and baking tips on Steven and Chris.


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